My Videos about PU Leather

Here you can find my Videos about PU Leather.

Exploiting your addiction to leather and satin

I know you are totally addicted to leather and satin. You will get instructions by me how to worship me and to satisfy ME - your leather and satin princess! I'm wearing a yellow satinblouse and a...

Hot genuine leather dress

I love to be dressed in leather! You will be addicted to my new leather dress! I'm wearing it just for you, open it only for you so you can see my young body dressed in leather!

Beautiful black leather skirt with a tight white satin blouse

My outfit of the day: I'm wearing a wonderful leather skirt and a shiny white satin blouse with cute puffsleeves. I'll show you my pretty outfit from all sides. Look at me, look at my outfit and my...

Addicted to my new jodhpurs

I'm wearing my new jodhpurs for you! Together with my tight white button down shirt and black leather boots it's the perfect outfit for riding. I'm really a horny stable whore and undress my white shirt for you!

Hot leather boots and tight jeans

My Outfit of the day: Today I'm wearing a tight jeans, a shiny satin blouse and leather boots. I'll show you my todays outfit. It's so sexy! If you see me in the subway today like this you'll have to jerk off your cock on me!

Hot leather shirt dress

My hot black leather shirt dress will drive you crazy! Slowly I open my dress and show you my sexy body. I wear this leather shirt dress with red patent pumps.

Total Leather Seduction

I'm wearing a hot leather bralet with a buttoned leather skirt. They are looking so great together with my black leather boots. I'll show you my ass and what's under my skirt or rather what's not under it =)

Teasing in Leather

I'm wearing an elegant and fantastic looking leather blazer with an leather dress underneath. My red patent high heels looks so stunning. I show you my legs and my body all dressed in black leather....