My Videos about Satin

Here you can find my Videos about Satin.

My white real silk pajama and long silk night robe JOI

I put on my white pajama just for you! The pajama is made completly of silk! I wear my white high heels which fit perfectly to the pajama! I walk up and down for you while wearing this awesome...

My hot neon yellow rain jacket JOI

Today I'm wearing a shiny yellow satin bikini and yellow plastic high heels! I show you my hot bikini body after that I'll put on my rain jacket just for you! I let you hear the zipper! The sound...

Real silk satin pajama and long silk coat

Today I'm going to show you my super hot real silk satin pajama. I also wear a matching long real silk coat. This is a really hot outfit for hot nights :) It feels unbelievable on my skin!

Gothic cutie in long sheer night gown and lingerie

I'm showing you my long hot sheer night gown while I'm wearing black stockings and a beautiful black satin garter belt. 

Long Satin Nightrobe with Satin Pajama JOI

You have prepared a little surprise for me. A beautiful, shiny green long sleeved satin pajama with a matching long nightrobe. I am so happy about your present and have to try on the satin pajama...

Exploiting your addiction to leather and satin

I know you are totally addicted to leather and satin. You will get instructions by me how to worship me and to satisfy ME - your leather and satin princess! I'm wearing a yellow satinblouse and a...

In love with pvc vinyl and satin

Today I'm wearing one of my favorite outfits for you! I love the combination of pvc / vinyl and a satinblouse. I put on a pink pvc / vinyl shorts and a white office satinblouse. The shorts is so...

Worship my satin bloomers

I love satin bloomers so much and I have several colors of satin bloomers! I sleep often in them and I love to feel them on my skin. Look at me how I touch myself in my purple shiny satin bloomers.

Masturbating in cute unicorn satin pajama

I love to sleep in my sweet unicorn satin pajama shorty. This silky feeling in my satin pajama is making me so hot that I have to touch myself with my satin pajama shorts. I love it to feel satin between my legs and all over my body :)

Black pvc short shorts and black pantyhose

I'm wearing a hot silver grey satin blouse together with a really shiny black pvc / vinyl short shorts. Under my shorts I wear a black pantyhose. I love the combination with the pvc shorts and the...